A music video.

It’s been over a week since I last posted and so much has happened since that amazing Weezer concert.  Or rather, one big event has happened since that amazing Weezer concert.  So this will likely be a two part blog post.

I had the most amazing opportunity last week to fly to LA to help out with a special project. I got the opportunity to see what it was like to film a music video. A real music video.

A dear friend will be releasing her first music video next month and she gave me the opportunity to be a part of it.  It was amazing to see it turn from just an idea a few months ago to a full blown production.  I’m going to keep most of the details to myself until it releases, but just know that it is beautiful. There are amazing dresses, amazing people and it’s going to be awesome.

Until it’s released, it’s a picture of the set remains before we painted the entire Youtube Space LA floor back to black.


I may or may not have attacked myself with a paint roller in the process, but it’s cool. My running shoes just happened to bring back a little bit of the Youtube paint.

Until the release date, here’s to new experiences!


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