City Transplant

I’m not originally from Seattle and it took me 5 years to feel comfortable to call this place my home. It also took 5 years for me to venture into new neighborhoods and update my drivers license to a Washington one. Even though, legally, I live in Seattle – part of me always tells people I am from Boise. (And sometimes to boost street cred I say San Francisco cause being born there counts right?).

I think part of the reason why I still say I am from Boise is tied to the fact that I refuse to give up my Idaho phone number. Yes. I can say Idaho number because the entire state has one area code. Side note: having to start dialing 10 digits instead of seven was a strange transition. But outside of the whole phone number thing, there’s a sense of community that I found in Boise that you don’t find in Seattle. It’s the small-town-in-a-semi-big-city feeing. When I would leave the house, I was guaranteed to see someone I know (still that way). People love the smurf turf at Boise State. I played ‘red light green light’ and ‘Simon Says’ on that blindingly blue turf as a child. You can’t drive anywhere without seeing Boise State pride. It is a community filled with everyone who lives there.

Well, Seattle is slowly becoming my home and it’s because I have found my community or at least the sense of community in the football scene here. I know, cliche, but seriously. There’s something that always makes me smile when I drive through downtown and I see all the 12th Man flags, the buildings lit up in blue and green, the lights in the building turned on to form the number 12 and constantly seeing people in Seahawks gear.

Today I wore my ‘Trees Coffee Rain’ shirt. I am embracing my home.



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