One week down, the rest of 2015 to go.

Oh look at that, it’s Friday January 9, 2015 which means that we have officially survived just over a week of 2015. It only seems fitting that I do a quick check in on my plans for this year (because remember, I didn’t make resolutions. I determined steps toward my undetermined plan).

First off, the student in me feels the need to be incredibly organized. So that has resulted in this:IMG_3084

The paper you see in the back titled “2015 Plan” is a list complete with color coded plans and slightly motivational words to keep me going. And by motivational, I mean calling me out on the silly things I do like watching excessive amounts of Bravo TV every day.

The colorful “Plan” book is my planner.  Equipped with all my class schedules, my homework due dates, hang outs and travel plans.  The wonderfully polka dotted book is a journal I received for Christmas to document all my successes and failures.  The little striped book that says “live it” (which just so happens to match my phone case because people know I have a slight stripe obsession) was another gift equipped with actual motivational phrases and reminders to not take myself so seriously.

That being said, this year I have actually kept up with these steps due to the mass amounts of notebooks I am carrying around with me.  I finished Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl and am working my way through Eddie Huang’s memoir Fresh Off the Boat. I have run a few days this week, including in the cold thus donating some money via Charity Miles for Every Mother Counts. I have turned off my TV a couple of times, it’s taken a great amount of effort but it has happened.  And lastly, I have purchased a plane ticket to….Europe.  A 10 day adventure hitting 4 countries. I’m going to two of the countries alone and this will be the first time I travel somewhere without someone waiting for me on the other side.  When I feel more ready to actually express the panic that I felt immediately after purchasing the ticket, I’ll share my plans.

2015 is starting out pretty well and I foresee this year being a growing year for me. And for this blog. I don’t know where I want to take this and until I get that figured out, it will continue to be the place to hold my random thoughts.

With that, I’m signing off so that I can leave the mosquito infested coffee shop I have chosen to hang out in.  Seriously, why are there mosquitos in January…in Seattle?


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