Charles de Gaulle Airport 1, Me 0. Time for round 2

I mentioned in my last post that I want to hit up a few European countries this year and one of those countries would be France.  With the current plan, this requires me to fly to Paris, more specifically the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

I have to admit that I have a fear of that airport, and it’s an unfounded irrational fear.  Okay, it’s an irrational dislike but that’s beside the point. Many moons ago, I flew to Italy and as a poor college student, I booked the cheapest possible flight I could do. This meant that I flew from Seattle to Amsterdam to Paris to Florence. This was 100% not the most efficient way to get to Florence, Italy but it was the cheapest flight I could find.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I landed in Charles de Gaulle.  As mentioned previously, I do not speak French and people would cry listening to me try. Since we flew a short route to Charles de Gaulle, our plane landed at what I assumed was the oldest part of the airport.  I was one of the last people off the plane and super jetlagged so I don’t remember much about this portion of the journey except that all the doors into the actual airport were painted pitch black and it was a guessing game which door you went through.  I remember standing and staring trying to figure out exactly where the door openings were because at this point, most of the passengers on my flight had disappeared into the abyss.  As I stood there, staring blankly at these black walls, another girl stood next to me with the exact same look on her face.  Luckily she also flew from Washington and we decided to join forces to find our gates.  We walked toward the darkness and then poof, doors opened into what felt like the twilight zone. The airport on the other side of the doors had bright light, glass ceilings, artwork and modern technology.  It was the strangest contrast to where I had flown in. After that adventure, I managed to find my flight (somehow) and made my way to Florence. But ever since then I’ve done everything possible in my power to avoid flying into Charles de Gaulle. And now, I’m planning a trip that will require me to land there and leave from there.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to navigate it this time. We shall see…


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