2015 in Seattle verses 2013 in Thailand

Last night I said good-bye to 2014 by celebrating on a boat on Lake Union and watching the fireworks show at the Space Needle.  While I was standing in the freezing cold talking with my friend about our big plans for 2015, we saw Chinese lanterns being released in the distance.  These little paper lanterns floating above the Seattle skyline, dotting the dark, cloudless abyss above all the lights.  Seeing those lanterns reminded me of when I had the opportunity to welcome 2013 off the coast of Thailand.

My friends and I were staying at a quaint resort in Trang along the coast of southern Thailand. We weren’t sure of what our plans would be for welcoming the new year but luckily the resort had that taken care of.  After a great home cooked meal, the entire resort walked down to the beaches and released paper lanterns along the cost.  You could see these little lights dot the entire beach in every direction.

(imagine this at night dotted with orange lanterns light by candles)

The lanterns we set off into the sky represented letting go of 2012, the past, and wiping our slate clean for 2013. It was the most peaceful celebration I’ve had for welcoming the new year, yet it felt like the perfect way to say good-bye to 2012.  Releasing those lanterns were more personal and focused on us and preparing for 2013, rather than feeling the need to succumb to the typical New Year’s pressures I feel most other years.

Seeing the lanterns last night reminded me of that feeling that I had in 2012/2013 and it redirected my New Year’s perspective. I feel ready for the year to start now.

Here’s to 2015 and everything it has in store.


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