Let the countdown begin

It’s December 30th, 2014 and it means that today marks the day that I do all my last minute things to close out the current year.  December 31st always means prepping everything for the new year for me.

My end of the year close out traditions include:
– Going through my home and purging.
– Buying the cleaning supplies that I needed to restock so that I can clean the next year
– Figuring out my plans for NYE and the outfit to start off the year. If I had it my way, I’d wear sweatpants and an oversized sweater to welcome the new year but NYE parties typically judge you when you enter dressed like that… This year, my friends have found a boat that we can use to go out on to see the fireworks. But with the boat comes some rules like, no heels so I had to find the perfect outfit that could accommodate lack of heels. I choose a beautiful black romper from Anthropologie (picture does not do it justice) and some gold Vince Camuto loafers:


– One last bit of exercise: today was a 4 mile run with Charity Miles to donate some money to Every Mother Counts
– Reviewing my new year’s resolutions from 12 months ago and seeing which ones need to carry over (typically all of them)
– Deep cleaning my home

Today, I did most everything except for the deep cleaning.  That will probably need to wait until tomorrow. Do you have any end of the year traditions?

It’s crazy to think that this year is almost over. I went on a run today and reflected over the last 12 months.  It felt like the perfect way to begin the end of the year, staring out over the still water as the sunset.

Tomorrow, I make my resolutions list. Here’s to the second to last day of 2014! Hope you’re enjoying it!


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