White Elephant Parties and the pressure

It’s December, it’s the holidays and it’s that time of the year where people throw holiday parties.  Specifically White Elephant parties.  I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with these because I’m terrible at picking out gifts for people. Especially when it comes to White Elephant parties because you never know the sense of humor that you can get away with.

Last year I went to this party in which the gifts were ridiculous and ones to remember. There was a box filled to the brim with popcorn and a brass knuckle bottle opener hidden at the bottom.  There was another box filled with old used DVDs that the person didn’t want anymore. I brought mason jar shot glasses. These gifts were less useful and more entertaining.

This year, my friend hosted the same party with the same people but it was interesting to see how things have changed, or rather how we’ve grown up. There were bottles of wine, bottles of champagne, local beers, gourmet foods and even a Chromecast.  Is this an official sign of adulthood? Don’t get me wrong, there were still silly gifts like a stocking with a potato scrubber in it. But the gifts were more practical and less random trinkets which I actually appreciate.

I have another party to go to tonight and I’m going to bring a cup that says “I woke up like this” and a candle from Anthropologie.  It has a bit of entertainment but awesomeness to it (and this is actually a gift that I’d be willing to keep…).  Shopping today was a nice little reflection on how things have changed in the last year.

Let’s see what the night brings and how practical the gifts tonight will be…


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