Procrastination master

I’ve just hit my finals week for my last session of school for 2014.  Knowing that in less than 7 days, I will officially be done with school for a full month is so exciting that I can’t seem to handle it.  And by “can’t seem to handle it” I mean that my motivation has hit an all time low, which seems counter intuitive.

Today, at work I had a conversation with a coworker who has officially finished his grad program and we got to talking about procrastination tactics.  Like everyone else, I do everything possible to not do my actual homework.  It’s actually quite impressive.

But now that I have officially:
– cleaned my apartment to the point that there is literally nothing left to clean
– made my meals for the rest of the week
– exercised
– written a blog post (in the process at this moment)
– played on social media for an excessive amount
– packed my bags for work tomorrow
– purged some of my closet

I have no other option but to start my homework. I’ve always felt like once you hit college, or even after you graduate from undergrad you’d be able to time manage properly and not procrastinate anymore.  Apparently that is not the case for me. One more step in the learning process as I figure out adulthood.


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