November in Pictures (and words)

November was quite the month, it started out with a hectic week of travel and ended with Thanksgiving.

I started out with a pretty amazing trip to Disneyland. A place I hadn’t been in years but it was amazing. Check out my Disneyland post. It was perfect timing because it was the week after Halloween so Disneyland had begun their holiday decorations.

IMG_2571     IMG_2568

The next day after I went home, I had the opportunity to see RAC, The Knocks and SPEAK play.  Amazing. I’ll post more about that later.


In addition to that, Seattle saw their first snow and experienced a winter wonderland filled with 30 degree temperatures and bone-chilling wind.  Even then, it resulted in beautiful winter evenings.


Outside of these beautiful photos, November had so much more to offer than I could capture with just my camera.  Reconnecting with friends, I tried my first Pure Barre class (terrifying, but amazing), graduation from a leadership class, a basketball game and holiday shopping.

I love November because it’s the start of the eating season (holiday meals, upon holiday meals) plus it’s starting to get cold so everyone needs to prep for hibernation.  Peppermint Mochas (or peppermint flavored drinks in general) are re-introduced and signify that the holidays are starting. It’s time to reconnect with people and it’s always a nice reminder of what’s important during the holidays.

Here’s to a great November 2014 and let’s see how December turns out.


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