Thailand, a place for the curious

While it’s freezing in Seattle, I’m wishing I were somewhere warm. Like Thailand.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go visit a friend who lives in Thailand. It’s always been a place I have wanted to visit, but mainly because I’ve always been curious about it. It’s a country filled with so much history, so much pain yet so much beauty that I wanted to see first hand what the country was about. I could type for days about my trip there, and still never be able to recount all my experiences from the 9 days I spent there.  But I’m going to try.  Here’s a start.

We spent the first 4 days of the trip in Bangkok, Thailand.  One of the days, my friend took us to see the Grand Palace and go to some of the temples that were there.  My favorite was the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) which sits right by the river. From a distance this temple was beautiful, but it wasn’t until we were up close that I realized that this wasn’t like the temples I had seen around Asia. This temple was covered in tiny colorful ceramics that made up images the closer you got to them. It was intricate and so delicate but yet had been around for hundreds of years which to this day still baffles me that it’s still so beautiful.


While we were there we had the opportunity to climb up the main building and it had this amazing view of Bangkok (which you can see above).  The stairs to climb up were super steep and it is not something for someone who is terrified of falling downstairs. But the view was totally worth it.

While it continues to be freezing here, I’ll think of walking through the streets of Bangkok and imagining looking over the city from the top of the Temple of Dawn.

Here’s to warm thoughts and adventures!


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