#Snowpocalypse 2014?

When it snows in Seattle, it’s an interesting experience.  I grew up with snow, more like I grew up with all four seasons.  The summers were in the triple digits for three months, the winters were frigid and filled with snow, the fall was always the perfect combination of red, yellow, orange and sun and the springs were full of rain and flowers. Once I moved to Seattle I became, frankly put, a weather wimp. I can only handle temperatures between 45 degrees fahrenheit to 75 degrees.  Anything outside of the range makes me uncomfortable.

The first time I experienced snow in Seattle, I was in college.  The city shut down, I had my first snow day ever and Domino’s wouldn’t deliver pizza because it was too dangerous. Even though it had snowed less than half an inch and was melting already.  After that, winters in Seattle would have a week of what was deemed “snowpocalypse” or “snowmaggedeon.”

One year, I was lucky enough to work from home and my roommate was trapped on the road trying to make her way back to me.  The time I spent alone in my apartment resulted in this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.46.40 AM

Each year after that, resulted in full weeks of working from home because Seattle would shut down due to the hills.

Except for this year.  It snowed yesterday in Seattle.  And by ‘snowed’ I mean there was a light dusting of snow, but the temperatures dropped and it was frigid.  But even when Seattle’s weather feels unbearable, there’s always something that reminds me just how much I love this city.


I’m grateful yesterday wasn’t a “snowpocalypse,” I’m not pleased with how cold it is.  But, seeing just how beautiful this city is, makes it all of it totally worth it.


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