Adulthood failures… actually ultimate wins!

Today I was reminded of a few things.  1) How lazy I am  2) I should never eat sugar again 3) How much social media does not allow you to pretend your poor life decisions didn’t happen 4) Just how much I love my friends.

Let’s start with the laziness.  I haven’t taken out my recycling in weeks because I’ve been busy not doing it.  Today was the day I couldn’t handle it anymore and took all my recycling down 4 flights of stairs in 1 trip because I did not want to make 2 trips.  Imagine this, two stacked Costco boxes (used to previously carry my groceries into my home) and balancing on my hip with my left arm barricaded along the inside of the top box.  Inside that box, a bag of recycling.  My left hand holding onto another bag and in my right hand a broken down box. This method was a success because I only made 1 trip.  It was a failure because I was about about a foot wider than the doors and had to shimmy through sideways.  Maneuvering corners and stairs like that is not easy.

The second reminder was during work.  I consumed the richest chocolate cake ever (Claim Jumper chocolate cake) and proceeded to experience a ridiculous sugar high.  I answered the phone by saying “helllllllloooooooo” which terrified the person on the other end.  And I had a dance party in my chair at my desk by myself. Success? Yes.

The third and fourth reminder need to be combined. Social media is like a treasure chest of memories that some people shouldn’t relive.  Today one of my friends went all the way back to 2009 to find a photo of me next to a picture of a cow with the phrase “I’m a vegetarian” written in a word bubble.  At the time, it seemed fitting cause I was a vegetarian.  But now I’m not and I crave burgers all day every day.  This resurrection of the photo has now popped up on everyone’s newsfeed along with comments regarding clothing choices (I was rocking the men’s Hanes v-neck white tees and some checkered bermuda shorts), the irony that my vegetarian ways have changed drastically and random pictures of cats.  As much as this is embarrassing, it just reminds me how great my friends are and how I feel so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.  Now that level of appreciation is a sign of adulthood.


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