LA here…I am

I am writing from LA at this moment, enjoying the last few moments of my sunny weekend before I head back to rainy Seattle tonight.

The journey here and home are never without entertainment. Either I don’t plan enough time to get to the airport after work and end up walking with a purpose to get to my gate on time.  Or there’s the challenge of dealing with LAX traffic when I arrive.  Granted, nothing really tops the time I attempted (and amazingly enough, succeeded) at driving from Seattle to LA in two days (but that story is for another time).

The journey here this time was short and sweet, as usual, but definitely not without some close calls. I slept through most of the flight which was great.  But I woke up for the last 30 minutes as we descended into LAX which was perfect timing because that’s when they turn on the seat belt sign and the bathrooms go out of service.  About 10 minutes into me being awake, I realized I needed to pee.  We arrived at LAX at the opposite side of the airport from our gate and taxi-ed for another 20 minutes on the bumpiest tarmac I have ever been on.  The need to go to the bathroom mixed with a little bit of motion sickness was requiring all my energy to focus on not getting sick.  The journey ended with a lady managing to pull 4 giant suitcases out of the overhead bin (not sure how she managed to bring those onto the plane), standing in the aisle with her bag sitting inches from my head and her butt taking up my entire view of the world.  The people next to me were kind enough to offer me some of their space which led to awkwardly leaning while trying to find a way to be the smallest person in the world, and trying not to think about the fact that I was nauseous and on the verge of an embarrassing accident. With all that excitement, I made it out alive and well.  Dealt with LAX traffic, made a mad dash into the backseat of my friends car and made it home without any additional accidents.

The night ended with a glass of wine, half an episode of Scandal and a nap prior to dragging myself to bed.  These types of wild Friday nights are signs of adulthood.


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