Adult defeats of the week

Every couple of weeks I tell myself that I’m going to step up my game and be an adult. I have the best intentions but sometimes, it just doesn’t happen.

This week, I’ve been defeated by things I have only experienced as an “adult.”

First was going to Costco with a list consisting of spinach, eggs, almond milk and shampoo.  I came home with all of those things (success!) in addition to a few more vegetables, some fruit, and 2lbs of shrimp (who needs 2lbs of shrimp?!).  I think I was most surprised by the purchase of shrimp, especially given that I was a vegetarian for 10 years. My Costco bill came out to over double what I thought it would be because I cannot say no to Costco. Costco -1, Me -4.

Second defeat was when I found just how far I will go for a Burger King Whopper.  On Thursday, I had to pick up a new desk phone because mine had decided to stop working. The original pick up location was scheduled to be about 3 miles north of my building because it was closest.  As I thought more about it, the closest Burger King to that location was another 3 miles north.  So I spent an hour rearranging my pick up to a building 4 miles south with a Burger King conveniently located 3 blocks away.  Burger King 1, Me 1.

Lastly, I still have yet to learn that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. The amount of food that I consumed yesterday and the type of food I consumed were enough to make me regret my decisions.  Or rather, they should have made me regret my decisions. I reached a new level of unhealthy, and for the time being I’m okay with it. Life 1, Me 1.


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